Certification Holders

Certification Maintenance

To keep your APICS certification valid, you must earn and submit 75 professional development maintenance points every five years (100 points for APICS Fellows).

Maintenance can be fulfilled with many of the educational activities you’re already doing to expand your supply chain knowledge and stay up to date on the latest supply chain trends. To learn more about the rules and policies relevant to maintaining your APICS certification, please read the APICS Certification Maintenance Handbook. For more information about how to complete the maintenance application once you are ready to submit your maintenance, review the Maintenance Application Tutorial. 

Overview of Maintenance Requirements

The suspension period to maintain your certification is 90-days and based upon your current certification maintenance due date. If maintenance requirements are not met after five years, certificants will be placed in suspended status and will have 90-days to submit their maintenance application. After 90-days, the certification will expire and candidates must retake the exam(s) to be placed in good standing.

If you do not maintain your certification and it enters suspension or expires, you no longer hold the designation and cannot claim recognition for the certification on your resume, LinkedIn profile or anywhere else. Find the specific requirements for your certification program below. Fellows-level certifications have heightened requirements


  • You must earn a total of 75 professional development points every five years.
  • Certifications not maintained in five years will be suspended.
  • If your certification enters suspension, you will have 90-days to submit your certification maintenance application.
  • Certifications not reinstated after 90-days of suspension will expire, and you will be required to retake and pass your exams.
  • Once certification exams are passed, expired certifications will be reinstated. However, retaking an exam does not automatically maintain a certification in suspension.

Submit Your APICS Maintenance Application in 5 Easy Steps

You must track your maintenance activities and point accumulation until you have earned enough points to submit your maintenance for each APICS certification that you hold. Submitting your maintenance application is easy. You can access the maintenance application as early as 30 days after the start of your maintenance cycle. However, you may need to provide supporting documentation if your application is randomly selected for audit. To help us uphold the highest standards of quality and excellence, we perform random audits of certification maintenance applications. Our Maintenance Audit Guidelines will help you understand audit documentation requirements.

You must accumulate the total number of points needed to maintain your certification before submitting the maintenance application. To submit your maintenance application:

  • Log in to My Account.
  • Find the designation you need to maintain.
  • Access the online maintenance application.
  • Record the number of points you have earned in each category.
  • Pay the fee, and submit your application.