Certification Holders

APICS Certification Holders  

Attention APICS Certification Holders:

All individuals who earned APICS CPIM, CFPIM, or CSCP designations are required to go through the Certification Maintenance Program. You worked hard to earn your certification, so don’t put your certification at risk.

APICS Certification Maintenance

Certification maintenance cycles run in five-year intervals, commencing from the date of initial certification and ending on the last day of the month that initial certification was received. You are required to submit a certification maintenance application.

Every 5 years, you are required to submit proof that you have current and relevant knowledge in your field. To do this, there are certain activities that earn points towards certification maintenance. Points can be earned from continued membership, volunteering with APICS, attending professional development meetings, taking continuing education courses, and there are many more ways to earn maintenance points. Detailed information on the APICS Certification Maintenance Program and be found here.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Contact the London and District Chapter for assistance and direction on how you can maintain your certifications.


Streamlined Certification Maintenance

In early January 2014, designees will be able to maintain their certifications using a simpler process. While maintenance requirements remain the same, designees will no longer be required to report detailed maintenance activities to APICS in their maintenance application. Instead, designees will only be required to submit documentation if they are audited by APICS. In addition, applicants will be immediately notified if they will be audited or if their application has been accepted. These improvements are designed to simplify the maintenance process and encourage more designees to maintain their hard-earned certifications